Advisory Board


Bigna Lenggenhager

Bigna Lenggenhager is currently professor at the University of Zurich and head of the research group Cognitive Neuropsychology with focus Body, Self and Plasticity. She did her PhD in Neuroscience at the EPFL in Lausanne. After a two postdoctoral stays in Rome and Bern, she was a junior group leader at the University Hospital Zurich. Her work focuses on the empirical investigation of multi sensory integration mechanisms, the bodily self, and embodied cognition in both pathology and health. She combines psychological and neuroscientific tools with virtual and augmented reality techniques.


Marc Ernst

Marc Ernst is Chair of the Applied Cognitive Psychology Group at Ulm University, Germany. His scientific interest is in human multisensory perception, sensorimotor integration, men-machine interaction, and VR. That is, his scientific work focuses on developing empirically grounded,
computational models of human perception and behaviour in close interaction with their application to intelligent technical systems for predicting and benchmarking human performance in naturalistic, interactive environments. He has published well over 100 articles, chapters, and conference proceedings. He is editor-in-chief for the journal Multisensory Research,  editor for several journals including the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, the Journal of Vision, and the ACM Transactions on Applied Perception, and he is co-edior of the Springer book series on Touch and Haptic systems. He was involved in several international collaborative grants, including the EU Project. He is founding member and one of the past presidents (2010-2014) of the EuroHaptics Society. Furthermore, he is a member and vice-chair of the Technical Committee in Haptics, and the Vision Science Society.