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The Extended Personal Reality

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A ready- and simple-to-use hardware and software technology allowing everyone to generate their own VR environment. Each single person becomes a provider. A new VR environment will also be automatically generated from personal neurophysiological data of the individual provider and will be equipped with psychological, cognitive, neurophysiological, and behavioural information to constitute the person’s extended-personal reality. The extended-personal reality may be shared with other persons, the users, for a new kind of personal EXPERIENCE and social interaction. The user will relive the shared provider’s experience through VR-based, visual-auditory and tactile stimuli, space-time manipulation, and multiple biofeedback. EXPERIENCE shall effectively communicate the provider’s emotions to allow access to previously unreachable consciousness layers.

Within a large number of research and innovation avenues, EXPERIENCE will prioritise novel diagnosis and treatment of affective disorders commonly associated with altered multisensory perception like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.